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Posted on by Kristina

Today, Flavorpill and JetBlue’s TrueBlue will host the world’s largest yoga event ever!  10,000 people of all backgrounds, sizes, and skill levels will simultaneously practice on the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York.  What better way to welcome summer than with thousands of people embracing the outdoors.  Flavorpill and JetBlue TrueBlue held a contest and 5 winners won tickets to this prime event and our Studio Manager was one of them!

Participants will be entertained by the comedic and musical stylings of our host, Reggie Watts, live performances by poetry slam extraordinaire, Buddy Wakefield, live drumming by O’Nkosi Rhythms.and singer, Wah! Elena Brower lead the class, guiding the 10,000 participants through their downward dogs, warrior ones, and chair poses accompanied by bassist, Garth Stevenson.

Learn more about how the event came together here.

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