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Solestruck Interviews Ce Ce!

Ty McBride from Solestruck originally met Ce Ce when she showed her first line of skateboarder inspired vulcanized slip ons. Ty is running Solestruck at full speed and at the rate they are going, Solestruck is unstoppable! Here are some Q&A from the retailers’ recent blog post.

Solestruck writes: We love 80%20 around here, it’s perfect for Portland and fits our lifestyle around the office. What are the principle’s around the design and function of 80%20 that keep it fresh and on point?

Ce Ce says: I focus on the sweet spot of form and function- the perfect shoes that have the downtown edge, but also wearable to keep up with a very active lifestyle.

Solestruck writes: We see 80%20 selling to a very wide range of women, and shoppers. Is there really an age range who buys your collection?

Ce Ce says: Perhaps between 20-30. The brand has attracted a cult following with the “indie entrepreneur” movement, girls likely to have Tumblr blogs or stores on Etsy.

Solestruck writes: How many years has your brand been around- and when you first launched with customized slip-ons years ago, did you really see it turning into a full time lifestyle brand?

Ce Ce says: I started the brand in 2005- so it’s been seven years! The first 80%20 collection was inspired by girls who date skateboarders, and the hand painted slip-ons has a very Vans feel. However then I created the Original Hidden Wedge, and for me at least, this served as the padded bra of footwear!

Solestruck writes: What are the Top Five songs on repeat around the 80%20 HQ?

Ce Ce says:
Human League “The Things that Dreams are Made Of”
Washed Out “I Feel it All”
YACHT “Psychic City”
Juan MacLean “Happy House” (Prince Language Mix)
Empire of the Sun “We are the People”

Solestruck writes: Let’s say it’s 9 pm on a Friday and team Solestruck is on their way to meet you for dinner in NYC, where are we going?

Ce Ce says: Miss Lily’s, the hot Jamaican spot on Houston Street. Here’s a picture of our sales team at the restaurant.

To see the 80%20 shoes available at Solestruck, visit their shopping page here!

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