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DIY: Outdoor Candle Holders

Posted on by 8020shoes

This time of year is perfect to have your friends over for some outdoor entertainment. Home entertaining can get pricey but putting your own decorative touch doesn’t have to be. If you’ve been on the hunt for candle holders to brighten up a space, why not try this fun and simple do it yourself project?

These home made holders can ramp up your parties ambiance, and if you use a Citronella candle it can help keep bugs away! To make your own you will need scissors, tape, a pen or pencil, a sheet of paper, nails in different sizes, a hammer and a tin can.

Step One: Fill your tin can with water and freeze it overnight.

Step Two:  Draw the pattern you’d like on a sheet of paper and tape it to your can

Step Three:  Use your nail and hammer to punch holes into the can. You can use different sized nails for variation in your pattern.

Step Four: remove the paper and use warm water to melt the ice. Drop a candle in and your finished!

We loved this DIY so much some of us made more than one and turned them into lanterns! To see how to turn your holders into lanterns, and for the full tutorial visit!

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