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Chic in Shanghai III | Shopping at SEVEN DAYS

Posted on by Ce Ce

While I produce my shoes in China, 80%20 doesn’t currently sell there (except perhaps in the black market).

I’m always thinking about how I want to enter the Chinese market, and how their contemporary customers buys fashion. After all, the Chinese market is huge and counterfeiting is like, a way of business life over there. They’ve got their own massive shopping website called Taobao, which is a combination of Fresh Direct, Amazon and Ebay. On the streets, many of the stores are over crowded with merchandise and poorly lit- making everything look like the merchandise on Canal street.

How does one find the unique items when there’s just so much junk? How does an independent shoe brand distinguish themselves, and how can we establish the right presence? Just when I was exhausted from my research, I found SEVEN DAYS, a multi-line boutique.

Oh I am loving their brand philosophy!

I bought this grey shawl neck sweater- been so cozy wearing it on cold ways. And the poppy rain coat- so fun!

SEVEN DAYS carries all independent brands mainly from Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.  But I could see 80%20 making our debut here. After all, I’m Chinese right? I love their brand fixtures- tradition inspired blue and white Ceramic tiles to mark each label and location of the designer.

These shorts were also at the store, very cool.

Oh…this gives me some ideas for Spring 2013…Wow, are we talking about that already?


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