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About 80%20

It all started with Ce Ce Chin’s quest for the perfect shoes to complement her fast-paced lifestyle. Having worked with some of the most celebrated names in fashion including Michael Kors and Calvin Klein; Ce Ce developed a keen understanding of the market and an intuitive sense for what is around the corner. Unable to find the perfect shoes built for everyday wear with a unique downtown aesthetic, Ce Ce followed her instincts. In true Do-It-Yourself spirit, Ce Ce set out to design her own line and Eighty Twenty was born.

Chin used the moniker Eighty Twenty to crystallise the notion that people tend to wear their favorite 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, and that is exactly the sweetspot of form and function her brand hits.

Beginning as a limited run of hand painted sneakers sold exclusively to Steven Alan, Eighty Twenty has evolved into a diverse line of sandals, boots, wedges, flats and heels. The hidden wedge was an early innovation that separated Eighty Twenty from the competition and cemented the brand’s position, as a creative leader within the footwear market. The Original Hidden Wedge™ can be found within many of Eighty Twenty’s signature styles- it elevates traditionally ‘flat’ shoes by two to four inches while maintaining the classic silhouette of a sneaker, boot, or sandal. Ce Ce often calls it the padded bra of footwear.

Over the years, the brand has attracted a cult following of highly mobile generation of indie entrepreneurs, designers, and artists. More recently, the brand has been tagged as “streetwise gear from Nolita to Costa Rica” and “essential apparatus for cupcake culture coquettes.” The brand has earned a coveted spot–revered by the geek chic and the Zooey Deschanel set.

Chin caters to a very discerning clientele, but she has a secret weapon—she’s a native of the tribe, so there’s no guesswork. And her shoes quickly become a can’t-live-without item which speak for themselves.

As the creative force behind the oft imitated hidden wedge, the company owns several trademarks, including the 80%20 trademark and The Original Hidden Wedge™, sealing its icon status.


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