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Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Drums | Down by the Water

Posted on by Kristina

The NYC indie-pop four-piece, The Drums have been releasing some of the most timeless indie pop since last year. We first fell in love with “Let’s Go Surfing off their Summertime EP and “Down By The Water”, the only other song from the EP, to make their debut album really pulls at our heartstrings.

Check out The Drums in a city near you.

The Wilderness Downtown | Arcade Fire

Posted on by Kristina

We woke up this morning to the delight of the launch ‘The Wilderness Downtown” presented by the Arcade Fire and Google.  A musical experience made specifically for Google Chrome, this project is really groundbreaking.

The project highlights the advancements in web and browser technology.  On the landing page, you enter your address, which allows each viewer to have a personalized experience by pulling images from Google Maps, animation, and multiple browser windows that move around the screen.  Set to Arcade Fire’s newest single and created by writer/director Chris Milk.

It’s a truly amazing experience.  Join in on the fun!
The Wilderness Downtown


Posted on by Kristina

At the MAGIC show in Las Vegas last week, we didn’t play any slots, roulette or poker.  However we certainly gambled “Double Down” by presenting our Spring 11 collection at two separate venues- Project Tradeshow at the Mandalay Bay and FN PLATFORM at the Las Vegas Convention Center.    Kristina Ho, our Brand Manager, was a Vegas tradeshow virgin and experienced a bit of sensory overload when walking through the shows.  There was just so much to see!  Nine shows going on simultaneously!  After three whirlwind days on the Strip, we returned to New York feeling good about our decision to present at both shows.   But are we willing to Double Down again in February?  That’s yet to be determined- as the orders come in, we’ll count the money and see….

What we liked most about FN PLATFORM is that it presented established and emerging footwear brands in one very organized space.  Also, the organizers really understood how it feels to be on your feet all day.  The convention center was covered by plush white carpets that provided comfy walking conditions, and also made it so much easier to gawk at what shoes other people were wearing!

Our booth was right next to Paris Hilton footwear and Paris even made an appearance too.  We gathered she entered the building when there was a growing number of people taking out their camera phones and such…

Ok…we’re guilty of such behavior too.  Here’s a shot of Paris.

Over at the Project show, we know the atmosphere attracts more “cool kids”,  but the sprawling merchandise set up created more pavement to be pounded.  However, we were in the curated shoe section surrounded by REPORT and Dolce Vita.

We weren’t necessarily wowed by any brands at PROJECT but we did fall in love with Bliss Lau‘s new pieces.  We want now!

But Vegas isn’t all work and no play.  The 80%20 team hit up the Hudson Jeans X Creative Recreation party at XS.

(left to right: Ce Ce Chin, Kristina Ho, Jasmine Takanikos, Carrie Campbell, A.J. Kesch)

Fashion’s Night Out 2010

Posted on by Kristina

From Brooklyn to Brazil to Boston, the fashion industry is gearing up for this year’s global extravaganza Fashion’s Night Out!

Last year’s event was pretty epic, with a night full of shopping events, parties, and surprises we’re looking forward to September 10th’s festivities.  We caught The Rapture play at the Prada store in Soho last year and it was amazing!  Be prepared and check out the event listings to plan out your night here.  You can plan your night right on the official FNO site.  We’re already scoping out our picks for the night.

Events we’re excited for:

Ben Sherman will be hosting a party from 6 – 10pm, we have playing in the store 2 of the hottest acts around DJing, first off are New York’s own Pains of Being Pure at Heart followed up by a storming set by UK act Does It Offend You, Yeah, who are taking time out from the Nylon US tour where they are supporting Kele from Bloc Party. Come down enjoy a few beers and sample some smooth Glenmorangie whiskey. We also have something very special happening outside the store on the night but you will have to come down to see what is going on- you might get lucky!

96 Spring Street New York NY 10012

(We love The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Does It Offend You!  We wish they were both playing live sets, but we’ll take a DJ set.)

Head to the Double Gold Standard for jewelry designer, Jules Kim’s line, Bijules S/S 2011 Presentation will launch with a VIP reception in conjunction with Fashion’s Night Out on Friday, September 10th and will feature a highly anticipated screening of Jules Kim’s short film shot by renowned film director, Griffin. More details to come, please check on Bijules Facebook page.

GoldBar 389 Broome Street (between Centre Market Pl & Mulberry) New York NY 10013

(Very excited to see Jules’ short film!)

Diane von Furstenberg takes Fashion’s Night Out to the digital universe with The DVF and HP Experience Lounge, a multimedia event that will transform the DVF boutique and gallery into an interactive fashion playground. Hosted by, the evening will feature cutting-edge fashion installations, complete with a ‘Fall Favorites’ photo booth featuring DVF items curated by editors on display for shoppers to utilize when browsing their most-desired DVF looks. Photos can be printed, posted to Facebook or streamed live into the lounge on social feed monitors, allowing guests to engage with the fashion community and interact with DVF. Computer terminals and touch screens will feature up-to-the-minute news about FNO from around the city, and the world!

874 Washington Street New York NY 10014

(We applaud DVF for what sounds like a fun event – real time updates of the night and interactive multi-media…we dig.)

Check out FNO’s PSA and get excited!

Fashion’s Night Out 2010 PSA from Fashion's Night Out on Vimeo.

Tennis | Cape Dory

Posted on by Kristina

Tennis – Cape Dory (Underwater Peoples Records)

Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, better known as Tennis make beautifully layered, hazy pop songs that we can’t seem to get enough of these days. It’s been rainy in New York for the past few days, and Tennis makes us think of warm, sunny days at the beach.  We sometimes wish we lived closer to the waves.

Fun fact: The hubby and wife duo embarked on an 8-month sailing expedition along the Atlantic Coast which have inspired their latest 7″ and EPs. The name of the boat is “Cape Dory.” Learn more about their adventure at their blog.

Charles LeDray | workworkworkworkwork

Posted on by Kristina

Today’s our last day in Vegas for Project and FN Platform and we’ve been surrounded by the latest in apparel and accessories design.  It’s been great to see old friends and make new ones but we’re looking forward to heading back to New York.  We’ve worked and played hard in Vegas and can’t wait to share with you our recap next week…stay tuned!

The convention centers in Las Vegas are massive and the number of booths can get overwhelming and it’s really easy to feel small in the space, so when we found this image of Charles LeDray’s work it was quite refreshing.

“For over 20 years, New York-based artist Charles LeDray has created handmade sculptures in stitched fabric, carved bone, and wheel-thrown clay. LeDray painstakingly fashions smaller-than-life formal suits, embroidered patches, ties, and hats, as well as scaled-down chests of drawers, doors, thousands of unique, thimble-sized vessels, and even complex models of the solar system.”

LeDray’s latest exhibit, CHARLES LEDRAY: workworkworkworkwork is currently on display at the ICA in Boston and will travel to the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  On display are 50 sculptures and installations, from LeDray’s early works to the first U.S. presentation of MENS SUITS (2006-2009), his highly acclaimed project presenting three complex, small-scale vignettes of second-hand clothing shops.

Summer Treats 2010

Posted on by Kristina

For the third consecutive year, NYC DOT and partners present Summer Streets and have temporarily closed Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park to motor vehicles and opened it up to the public for August 14, & 21.

There are a bunch of fun activities during Summer Treats such as the “Join Joy Ride,” a group bike ride and picnic set to music created by theater artist, Liz Sherman.  Space is limited so sign up today at

We think the most fun aspect of the program is “Swim at Summer Streets.” By reimagining the way we use city streets and dumpsters, code-compliant swimming pools with decks will be available to the public.  Last year, we heard rumblings of the dumpster swimming pools in Brooklyn, and their back by MacroSea a company that takes clean, unused shipping containers and transform them into safe swimming pools.  The pools will be set up near the Grand Central viaduct and you need a bracelet for free entry.

These pools really bring a whole new meaning to dumpster diving…

New Band Obsession: Little Dragon

Posted on by Kristina

Photo by Seek

We absolutely adore Little Dragon! Our Studio Manager, Katharine first introduced us to the band earlier this year and we’ve been in love ever since. Their album Machine Dreams is the perfect mix of electronic pop with R&B and soul influences. Yukimi Nagano’s vocals are just mesmerizing. We highly recommend their album, so check them out!

Little Dragon will be headlining a US Tour in 2011 but in the meantime catch them live in support of the Gorillaz, which kicks off in October. See tour dates via their Myspace band page.

You have to watch their video for “Swimming” on Little Dragon’s official site’s video section. The visuals are really amazing!

Here’s the video for “Runabout:”

Tidbit: Yukimi and Erik have provided backing vocals and percussion for fellow Gothenburg native, José Gonzalez.

We’re smitten with Susie Bubble…

Posted on by Kristina

And she’s smitten with us too!

(Photo taken by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, via StyleBubble)

Which styles made Susie’s wishlist?  Find out!

“What can I say – I’m a fashion journo hack mode that can’t come up with a title better than this one even though as a song title it’s probably been shoved into many, MANY article standfirsts.  Still, I stand by the choice given that it’s 100% apt for these 80%20 boots which I’ve been wearing non-stop.  It’s a shoe label that I’ve come to discover first hand through a weird and wonderful job that again, I can’t quite talk about yet (I promise I’m not being mysterious on purpose… ), and their Adair hiking boots from their A/W 10/11 collection have since been doing a lot of walking in addition to jumping, running, jogging and also prancing.  I am also indeed prone to do a little bit of a jig in the street if I’ve had a very good meal or I’ve bagged a bargain in the sales, and these boots are also good for err… jig purposes.

As a general rule of thumb in the designer heel comfort rankings (and this is personal for me and applicable to LENGTHS of walking as opposed to a few dance steps at a party…), LD Tuttle shoes are good for walking day and night in, Miu Miu/Marni chunky heels are good for walking all night long and as a zany addition, Atalanta Weller wedges give enough bounce to walk around for an afternoon in.  However, on the lower end of the scale, basically only Topshop, Irregular Choice and a few vintage heels have served me well in the WALKING stakes (again, I’m talking about LONG BOUTS of walking…) but now I can add 80%20% to the list.  In addition to the Adair hiking boots, I’m also quite smitten with the toggle shoes and the calf-hair shoes they have in a number of fall-friendly, leave-crunching styles…”

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