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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Style Wars Back in the Day

Posted on by Kristina

Oh coming off a high from the premiere of Downtown Calling!  We’ve been pretty vocal about our obsession with New York “back in the day,” but when it comes to this particular interest we can always learn (and obsess) a little bit more….

Going into the theatre we anticipated the interviews with icons like Deborah Harry, Fab Five Freddy and Maripol.  However the documentary really dug deeper into the  “underground”  by consulting lesser known luminaries like Cynthia Sley and James Chance.   So today at the studio we’re downloading their music- the Bush Tetras and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks!  Also, we really liked hearing the insight and hindsight from other filmmakers of that era, such as Michael Holman, screenwriter for Basquiat and Henry Chalfant, co-producer of the 1983 graffiti documentary Style Wars.

Speaking of back in the day and Style Wars…Around the time Ce Ce moved to NY (mid 90s), she was photographed with Henry Chalfant for Ego Trip magazine.  The fashion story was about Henry and his friend Sarah, the good guys, having a “style war” against Ce Ce and Noah, the bad guys.  And there’s a fight between two Asian girls.  Guess who wins?

Here’s some images from that 1998 issue of Ego Trip.

2010 Vice Photo Show | Closing Day

Posted on by Kristina

Vice Magazine’s photo issue and week-long exhibition is the yearly issue we most covet.  This year’s exhibit titled “The Torture Never Stops” presented by Scion audio visual group, features over 200 photographs from Cali-born pro-skater turned photographer Jerry Hsu (we love).  You’ve probably seen his images when flipping through the pages of the magazine, and here’s your chance to see them in person.

By the way, there are free copies of the 2010 photo issue at the exhibit!  This year’s photo issue theme: still life photography.

Get there while you can!  The exhibit ends today!

Downtown Calling | Film Premiere

Posted on by Kristina

We’re very excited to attend the New York premiere of Downtown Calling taking place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28th at the New York International Latino Film Festival.

The film is a snapshot into New York, “the greatest city in the world” from the late-1970′s to mid-1980′s.  With a failing economy, crime on the rise and massive housing corruption, New York became a city in crisis.  During this time of social and economic quandary emerged a new class of musicians, artists and thinkers downtown.  Downtown Calling examines the evolution of New York City’s music and art scene during this period and its lasting impact, which continues to drive today’s international fashion, art, and music.  The film is narrated by the infamous Deborah Harry (Blondie) and includes commentary by Glenn O’Brien (Downtown81/TV Party), Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid), and Fab 5 Freddy, to name a few.

If you’re in New York, we highly recommend checking out the film. 
Purchase a ticket here (ticket includes admission to the afterparty). Screening starts at 9PM.

Wyman Wong x Pedder Red Shoes Inspired by Designers

Posted on by Kristina

Ce Ce first came across these shoes during a recent trip to Hong Kong and we just had to learn more!  Cantopop music star Wyman Wong teamed up with Pedder Red to release a four design shoe collection inspired by his favorite designers: Oscar de la Renta, Martin Margiela, Christophe Decarnin and Yves Saint Laurent.   The heels of each shoe feature a special design that makes them unique to other women’s heels.  The two above are our favorites from the four designs.

Hello Kitty + Lomography Collaboration

Posted on by Kristina

We’re willing to bet that you’ve owned or still have some Hello Kitty memorabilia at home from stickers, figurines, to umbrellas – everyone in our studio loves Hello Kitty!  You’ve seen everything from Hello Kitty toasters to desk fans, and now you can get your very own fisheye camera from Lomo.  The special edition camera features retro blue, red, and white stripes and of course Hello Kitty.  The body of the camera isn’t the only thing that’s special, it’s a fisheye camera which  sees a sweeping 170-degree view – compacting everything around you into a circular and sharp image.

Available in the US, Japan, and Europe the camera will be available at, Lomography gallery stores, Urban Outfitters, and and boutiques later this summer.  We want one now!

Neon Indian | Sleep Paralysist

Posted on by Kristina

Alan Palomo’s (Ghosthustler and VEGA) latest project, Neon Indian has been a staple in our studio for a while now and we honestly can’t get enough.  Ce Ce stood next to Adam at the elevators at Milk Studios for the Creators Project but was too shy to introduce herself!

Neon Indian’s debut LP Psychic Chasms is full of soft vocals, layered sounds, electro-pop beats, and references to music of the 80′s – at just thirty minutes long, the cd ends and has you yearning for more.  If you haven’t already purchased this album, don’t hesitate!  We know you’ll dig it!

Photo by Dagny Piasecki

Neon Indian partnered with Green Label Sound and released the track, “Sleep Paralysist” earlier this year.

Take a look at the video below:

Interested in behind the scenes footage?

If you’re in New York, Neon Indian will be playing a free show on August 14th with Prefuse 73, DOM, and Nite Jewel!  It’s an awesome lineup that should not be missed.  For more info, go here.

Gorilla Vs. Bear also just posted the new video for, “6669 (I Don’t Know if You Know),” check it out.

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