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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Moments: Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, we always feel the pressure of, “where will you be at midnight?”. Why is that “moment” supposed to have more significance than others ? What about those special, undefinable moments that just unfold before your eyes?

So happy New Year to you all…. we wish you many surprising and beautiful moments in 2010.

Project White Tee Shirt: Designers Against AIDS

Check out Project White Tee Shirt-“It’s not just fashion it’s a (R)evolution” 31 Designers from 13 Countries transform and redefine the white T-shirt. Curated by Triple Major to support Designers Against Aids. Some of our favorites designs are done by Jean Phillip: Copenhagen, Denmark and Kling by Kling London, UK…

Bstore shoes, taking the UK one shoe at a time.

Do you know Bstore shoes? They are taking the UK by storm one shoe at a time. Designers and co-owners Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie, started designing a shoe line, back in 2001. Later the shoe line transformed into an entire store, designed for the fresh talent coming out of design schools in London. Bstore, the home of Bstore shoes today is located on the fierce Savile Row in London. The line has a very classic combination of oxfords, leathers, and heels. We love the entire collection….

Buy bstore shoes here!

p.s. check out the rest of Bstore!

Shoes Deserve to be Adorned

Black heels are perfect for a night on the town but sometimes you need a little addition to kick start the night. Chain and jewel accessories for your heels are all you need. Many style icons and bloggers have been spotted around the streets in these flashy heels. Christian Cota’s spring 2010 show used the San Fransisco designer Litter SF.

As well as chains seen at Interview’s 40th anniversary party in Miami. They had a vending machine with Dr. Martens laced in exclusive chains by Justin Guinta!

Try one of our boots with chains from these retailers…

2 Bandits shoe accessories, from $35, available at
Litter SF shoe jewelry, starting at $80, available at
The Glamouri ankle armory, $135, available at
Octopussy lace boot fringe, $48, available at

Secrets in the palm of your hand…

Posted on by Kristina

How many times have you seen the Fedex logo on a truck or on the box you just got with your 80%20′s in them? Well take a look for an arrow very sneakily placed pointing to the right. Flavorwire has decoded ten logos we see on a daily basis; such as, Baskin Robins, and Toblerone. You need to check out the article for an in-depth look at the logos we know and at the same time really don’t know. You’re going to be surprised.

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