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Monthly Archives: November 2009

80%20 & Ce Ce Chin Collection, How it all gets done…

I’ve returned from my whirlwind “China trip” and finally adjusted back into the New York life ! The pace has been so fast I can hardly keep my 80%20′s on…kidding! If you’ve been following, you know I spent the time in China working hard on my new Ce Ce Chin Collection as well as 80%20. I also stepped in to the Hong Kong post modern “Land of Oz”- so much to look at and explore.

The inspiration from the fashion scene in HK (the most international retail I have even seen- sorry guys, more vast than Tokyo or Europe) easily helped me transition right into free flowing sketching in my design room China.

Literally every part of making a shoe happens in that workspace. From design, to sample making, down to the fittings on actual feet! This process is what keeps me moving forward and enriched as a designer.

Vivienne Westwood: Cole & Son Wallpaper…

Self proclaimed fashion misfit Vivienne Westwood has decided to venture into interior design with her new wallpapers for Cole and Son. Get your Boudoirs’ ready ladies…

“It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper.” Vivienne Westwood

80%20: Sample Making in China!

Posted on by Kristina

The above picture is from our sample room in Hong Kong- as you can see the office floods with light during the day, this is where is all the shoe magic comes together, (literally)!

The leather closet in the sample room is what dreams are made of- well at least a shoe designer’s dreams….

This is a shot from the Materials Market- here at 80%20 menswear and shirting materials are always some of our favorites.

Anais Nin

Posted on by Kristina

“The shoes carried her everywhere, tireless shoes walking forever all
over the world. This shoemaker repaired them with all the curiosity of a great
traveler. He respected the signs of wear and tear as if she were
returning from all the voyages she had wanted to make. It was not
alone the dust or mud of Paris he brushed off but of Egypt, Greece and
India. Every shoe she brought him was his voyage too. He respected
wear as a sign of distance, broken straps as an indication of
discoveries, torn heels as an accident happening only to explorers.”

Anais Nin, “Children of the Albatross”

The Soundtrack That Takes You Back….

Posted on by Kristina

The soundtrack to my travels in Hong Kong and China so far has been the Seattle based, Kinsky ( They’re on the Sub Pop label, which I have not heard of in a long time! Sub Pop, who first signed Nirvana, MudHoney and Soundgarden back in the day, is forever embedded in my mind as the record label brand of 90s grunge “cool”.

Kinsky is virtually lyric-less, providing and fueling progressive “noise”. I first discovered this band while witnessing the performance art duo, Robbinschild at the New Museum on Bowery, in New York City last December. I love their use of monochromatic color, landscape contrast, dance and mood.

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