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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Ce Ce Chin is in China!

Posted on by Kristina

I’m off on the road once again this time heading to China! I’ve been traveling to Hong Kong on an “almost quarterly” basis for over 10 years and since 80%20′s beginning, almost 5 years ago! While the city is now quite familiar to me, Hong Kong never fails to make a fresh fashion impression.

Pics: Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani, Visvim, Billionaire Boy Club (purple sky rocket) , Visvim Retail and yellow shoe on HK subway

Leading brands (both big and small) boast stately flagship stores and hold back no detail. Hong Kong is much like New York and London combined, but with way more Chinese people. Cantonese often sounds like harsh criticisms and shouting, but then peppered with English slang like “bloody”, “cheeky bastard” and “naf”. For those uninitiated to Hong Kong’s pulse, watch Chungking Express, one of Wong Kar Wai’s first movies to receive acclaim in the US. Although this movie is from the 1990s, it captures the ever-present heat, whimsy and charge of the city.

Ladies Lotto presents Behind the Beast

Posted on by Kristina

If you are in NYC, and want the inside scoop on how to navigate the fashion industry- Behind the Beast is a must attend event. This night of cocktails and conversation will illuminate the road to this challenging industry for professionals, students and followers alike. Get the inside scoop on what exactly goes into the glamorous life from new product launches, magazine spreads, trend forecasting, fashion shows, and more.

Wednesday, October 28th
Soho Grand Hotel
310 West Broadway
NY NY 10013

Panel: 8-10 PM in the Chart Room
Cocktails: 10 PM upstairs in the Grand Lounge / Open Bar By Marani Vodka

Member Price: $10 CASH – Purchase here:;

Speakers include:

· Lindsay Taylor Huggins / Senior Fashion Market Editor, SELF Magazine
· Kathryn Finney / Founder, The Budget Fashionista
· Farah Malik / Co-Founder & Designer, A Peace Treaty
· Samia Grand-Pierre & Lois Sakany / Bloggers, High Snobette
· Sara McCormack-Bridgman / Publicist, Ghostown
· Jasmine Takanikos / Trendforecaster, JTC
· Leah McSweeney / Founder, Married To The MOB
· Luna Vega / Digital Producer, Sauvage Studios
· Lynnette Astaire / Fashion Photographer


Anthropologie: Ruffian

Posted on by Kristina

Last night was magic. Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center debuted their collaboration with the design house Ruffian. The hand seamed eyelet lace tights and pastel Macaroons made us swoon. Ce Ce came wearing the soon to be legendary, Celeste shoes- (exclusively sold at Anthropologie) look for it in stores the beginning of November.

We ran into our wicked smart designer and friend Rebecca Turbow. The legendary Shelly Bromfield reminded us that love and intention make the world a much better place, including the world of fashion. The evening of arsenic and lace did not stop there; we were whisked away with the brilliant minds behind Anthropologie to the after party at The Standard Hotel’s stunning new rooftop venue-The Boom Boom Room. The dynamic gold, mirrored, and cream silk interiors gave kisses to the panoramic views of NYC. The scene was fit for Cinderella- and perfect for a modern love story.

Object Affection- BOFFO

Posted on by Kristina

Everyday of our lives we are surround by the objects that define us. Objective Affection-An exhibition about the objects that fill our lives presented by BOFFO is important. It makes us look at these objects and partner with them- why are they part of our lives and how can we look at them differently? Go check it out if you are in NYC- the exhibition will be up through October.

Travel & Influence

Posted on by Kristina

80%20 is travel. Perspective and exposure are things we do not take for granted as creative thinkers. Each piece of our lives is photographed through our lens and stored in our memory- the final product shining through in the 80%20 & Ce Ce Chin Collection. Recently Ce Ce Chin our Designer and Creative Director took a trip to Milan Italy to attend MICAM, (very sexy footwear show). Spending time with 80%20’s Italian team was blast- and seeing the brand growing on a global level is of course fabulous. Above Ce Ce shares with you some moments and memories- coming soon to a shoe collection near you.

Anthropologie: Man Shops Globe

Posted on by Kristina

Anthropologie held a gala at it’s flagship in NYC on Tuesday to celebrate the premier of Man Shops Globe, a Sundance Channel documentary series following the buyer-at-large, Keith Johnson as he shops around the world for Anthropologie. We love parties. But we really love parties that debut something as cool as this show. Man Shops Globe gives you the inside scoop- watch Keith as he sources products from all over the world and get a first hand look at how he designs specialty items exclusively for Anthropologie. The store looked incredible- lit in a rich red hue; the displays were innovative and exquisite- true to Anthropologie’s signature. We rubbed elbows with Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch and got to shop a little too! Man Shops Globe debuts on the Sundance Channel October 7 and continues every Wednesday at 10pm.

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